Thermoplastic Road Markings - Improving the United Kingdom's Highways 

Thermoplastics Road Markings

The primary function of road markings is to keep road users safe from harm and to keep the traffic flowing. Road markings are excellent for this as they offer a simple, cost-effective way of performing a multitude of tasks for road users. The major benefits of these products and their applications include acting as informative and instructional tools for helping traffic segregation, to guide direction and regulating speed.

Shildon Thermoplastics can produce a variety of materials to satisfy every customer's needs and has a range of high specification products which are produced to nationally recognised accredition schemes.

The simple line can act as a visual and audible warning to the driver and specific inherent properties of the product can be enhanced for certain situations. The reflectivity and brightness of lines can be enhanced for dark and inclement conditions so they can be better seen.

Thermoplastic Road Markings

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