About Us - Shildon Thermoplastics, Bitumen Products & High Friction Surfacing


Jack Coupe, a qualified Civil Engineer, worked on the construction of many of the United Kingdom's motorways and, in 1984, he established Coupe Construction Ltd. His knowledge and interest in keeping roads and their users safe lead to the formation of Coupe Line and then later, in 1989, Shildon Thermoplastics.

Nowadays, Shildon Thermoplastics is the manufacturing arm of Jack Coupe & Sons Ltd and supplies material, not only to our own contracting divisions, but also to independent road marking contractors and direct to Local Authorities. Jack Coupe is still involved as the Chairman of the Coupe Group Ltd which remains a family-run organization.

We are committed to improving road safety by continually investing in the development of new and innovative products. In today’s world we aim not only to develop our ideas into products that save lives, but which can also save the environment by being eco-friendly and economical to manufacture, install and maintain. 

Shildon Thermoplastics supplies road marking contractors with quality assured products at a competitive price coupled with a first class after sales service. We specialise in the production of thermoplastic road marking material, bitumen products and hot applied high friction surfacing material.

Rigorous quality assurance standards are adhered to with production processes and products accredited by nationally recognised governing bodies such as the BSI (British Standards Institute) and the BBA (British Board of Agrément).

Shildon Thermoplastics employees have vast experience and extensive knowledge of the road marking industry and provide concise technical support to our clients. Investment in research and development is fundamental to our operations and we continually strive to improve existing products along with developing new and innovative products to provide solutions to problems on the modern road networks. We are focused on providing products which are beneficial to all road users.

The recent introduction of BBA Type 1 Approved Thermogrip High Friction Surfacing to the marketplace will provide clients with a road safety product for high traffic volume areas or high risk hazard areas. 

In addition to supplying materials to our Group's contracting divisions, we also supply a large number of road marking businesses across the UK, as well as directly to County Councils. The products that we supply are essential as life-saving instruments, traffic calming measures and congestion easing devices. The simple white line and its multiple variants are an extremely cost effective item that can be used for all these purposes.

For a free quotation, competitive pricing, a proven track record of deadline completion and guaranteed work, please email us details of your enquiry or call us today on 01388 776070.